Who are the Elected Officials Serving in Cedar Park, Texas?

Are you looking for a list of elected officials currently serving in Cedar Park, Texas? Look no further! The City of Cedar Park is governed by a mayor and six council members who are elected to their respective offices by the city's qualified voters. All positions are generally elected, meaning that no member of the council represents a specific area or district of the city. Each member serves a two-year term. The mayor is the official head of the city government for all ceremonial functions and chairs all council meetings.

The interim mayor is appointed by the mayor and serves during the mayor's absence. The current elected officials serving in Cedar Park, Texas are:

  • Jim Penniman-Morin, Interim Mayor, Position 3
  • Anne Duffy, City Councilmember Place 6
  • Heather Jefts, City Councilmember Place 2
  • Mel Kirkland, Councilmember 5
  • Kevin Harris, Councilmember 4
  • Eric Boyce, Councilmember 1
The City Council acts as the legislative and governing body of the City of Cedar Park and refers to these core values as guidance in its decision-making. Jeff Anderson is the City Manager and can be reached at 350 Discovery Blvd, Suite 205 Cedar Park, TX 78613. After all, these standards are at the center of the daily lives of Cedar Park's citizens, city leaders, municipal staff, and business leaders. Cedar Park is home to a number of elected officials who serve their constituents with dedication and commitment.

The current mayor is Jim Penniman-Morin, who was appointed to serve as interim mayor in 2020. He is joined by six council members: Anne Duffy (Place 6), Heather Jefts (Place 2), Mel Kirkland (Place 5), Kevin Harris (Place 4), and Eric Boyce (Place 1). All positions are elected for two-year terms. The City Council is responsible for setting policy and making decisions that affect the citizens of Cedar Park.

They strive to ensure that all decisions are made with the best interests of their constituents in mind. The City Manager, Jeff Anderson, is responsible for carrying out the policies set forth by the City Council. He can be reached at 350 Discovery Blvd, Suite 205 Cedar Park, TX 78613. The City of Cedar Park is committed to providing its citizens with quality services and programs that meet their needs. The elected officials strive to ensure that all citizens have access to resources that will help them lead successful lives.

They also work hard to ensure that businesses have access to resources that will help them succeed in their endeavors.

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