Who is Competing to Become the Mayor of Cedar Park, Texas?

Are you looking for information on the candidates running for mayor in Cedar Park, Texas? If so, you've come to the right place. On May 7th, three individuals will be vying for the position of mayor in Cedar Park. These candidates are Claudia Chavez, Mike Guevara, and Jim Penniman-Morin. Claudia Chavez is a 49-year-old army veteran and homeschool teacher who moved to Cedar Park from California with her husband, Dorian Chavez.

She is running for office to escape the failed policies, high taxes and cultural Marxist agenda of her former state. Mike Guevara is a 48-year-old lawyer and former Cedar Park board member. He has promised that if elected, he will work to make Cedar Park a top choice for companies looking to relocate to Central Texas. Jim Penniman-Morin is a 42-year-old attorney, current board member and military veteran.

His platform focuses on issues such as education, business, transportation, development and local government for the communities of Leander, Cedar Park and the Leander Independent School District. If you would like to learn more about these candidates and their platforms, visit their campaign websites or attend one of their upcoming events.

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