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Business owner, Member of City’s Tourism board, Ranch of Brushy Creek resident

My husband Bob Duron and I both want to go on record as strongly supporting our friend Corbin Van Arsdale for the next Mayor of Cedar Park! Corbin is a respected attorney, a devoted husband and father and has been an outstanding member of our City Council for several years now. We find that Corbin brings genuine leadership and inclusiveness to our city. He has an instinctive way of bringing people together from all sides, regardless of party affiliation, and he is extremely well liked and respected within our community. Corbin has also served in the past as a TX State Representative for my sister's district in Houston, so he has the extensive background and knowledge needed to be a truly great Mayor for our City of Cedar Park. 

COrbin & Lance Gunn.jpg


Former NFL and Texas Longhorn All-American/Team Captain & Member of City’s Economic Development (4A) board

Corbin has a passion for Cedar Park. In talking to him, you know right away that it’s not about politics—he’s able to bring people together because, for him, it’s completely about what’s best for our community. That’s why Tracey and I are asking our friends, even our Aggie and Sooner friends, to back Corbin as our next mayor.

Beth Prickett.jpg


Cedar Park resident (West Park Oaks subdivision), Austin Community College, & Formerly with Twin Lakes YMCA

I’ve known Corbin and his family for many years. I’ve known him as a father, a husband, and a leader in our community. He listens, he works well with others, and is respected by others. He has my full support as our next mayor because he is exactly the kind of leader we need to keep us moving in the right direction.

Asbeck Family.jpg


 Cedar Park HS Athletic Director/Head Football Coach & Reagan Elementary Nurse/RN

We are happy to be supporting Corbin for mayor. Our families lived next door to each other, and you learn a lot about a guy and his family in that situation. Corbin and his wife Stephanie are well-known throughout Cedar Park and have been involved in all aspects of our community. They are liked and respected.



Mayor of Houston

As mayor of the 4th largest US city, I know what it takes to do the job. Corbin will make an outstanding mayor for Cedar Park. I know first hand that he understands how to bring people together to get things done. He has excellent advice, and I trust him.


Texas Comptroller

Corbin and I knew each other before either of us were in elected office. He and I passed bipartisan legislation with Mark Strama and Juan Garcia that puts the State’s expenditures, contracts, and grants online for people to see. Corbin will be a fantastic mayor for Cedar Park who pushes transparency.

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